Notices in the mail. What’s real? What’s not? And how to tell the difference.

Dear NPLI Management Solutions, I received an official looking notice in the mail requesting our nonprofit, church, business, etc. to pay a fee for labor posters, corporate minutes, officers statement or corporate compliance.  Are we required to pay? Why? or why not? RESPONSE.   The simple answer is "NO and not until if/when you are 100% sure the... Continue Reading →

Difference Between LLC, Corp, Sole Proprietorship, etc

Dear NPLI Management Solutions,I started a sole proprietorship around 15 years ago and closed it about a year later.  I'm thinking about starting a new company.  Can you explain the differences between the different legal business types (LLC, Inc., sole proprietorship, etc.)? RESPONSE:  This basic guide highlights some of the differences and similarities of the... Continue Reading →

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