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About the NPLI Blog

What is it?

The NPLI blog is an online platform for the NPLI Management Solutions team to provide short, simple and practical  insights, inspiration and information related to managing new or small organizations.

Short – Our goal is to provide information which can be absorbed by the reader within 1-to-3 minutes

Simple – Our goal is to present information in an easy-to-understand manner by avoiding acronyms, “tech talk”, lingos, etc. which can be confusing to some

Practical – Our goal is to deliver information which the reader can use right now to better manage their career and/or company.

Short & Simple Management Tips

Who is it for?

Sure, we would love to say “everybody”; however, we created this blog for the same group of very special people which we’ve dedicated our 10-years of existence to supporting, assisting, and educating — Working Founders and managers of new and small organizations that fall within at least one of these 4 categories:

1.  They’re entrepreneurs – Meaning they started or helped to start a small business or nonprofit from scratch.

2.  They’re managers – Meaning they’re in a management role or position within a small business or nonprofit…regardless of their actual title.

3.  They’re in their 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or more career – Meaning they’ve worked for at least one other company prior to starting their company.  And, often their previous work positions were non-managerial.

4.  They’re on a bumpy path to success – Meaning they’re making progress…and they’re facing challenges along the way.  And, often their challenges are intensified by the person’s lack of adequate resources (time, money, manpower, skills, and/or experience).

Thank you for visiting and we hope you come back again and again.

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