Dear NPLI Management Solutions, I received an official looking notice in the mail requesting our nonprofit, church, business, etc. to pay a fee for labor posters, corporate minutes, officers statement or corporate compliance.  Are we required to pay? Why? or why not? RESPONSE.   The simple answer is “NO and not until if/when […]

Notices in the mail. What’s real? What’s not? ...

Would you like NPLI to complete a free compliance check for your nonprofit? It’s 100% FREE and CONFIDENTIAL – we’ll send you a personal email with the results.

Dear NPLI – During our last board meeting, we engaged in a healthy debate.  About half of us are certain the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is much scarier for our nonprofit than the Secretary of State.  The other half of us believe it’s the Secretary of State which we should […]

IRS or SOS. Which one is scarier?

Free |  Quick  |  Confidential Here’s a great tool to explore the various areas and factors that most impact a person’s ability to be an effective, successful and fulfilled business owner, founder, or manager within a small company or organization.  Ideal for small business owners as well as nonprofit leaders.

TEST – Management CPR